Dance like no one's watching.
Let's celebrate the embrace of the Old and the New...
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Dance like no one's watching.
Let's celebrate the embrace of the Old and the New...
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Tango Natural is one of the largest tango organizations in Europe.

Focused on promoting and spreading the culture of Argentinian tango as a healthy and creative relation towards life through dance education of all generations, various projects, as well as organization of dance, cultural, and recreational events.

Organization spread across three countries

In addition to Belgrade, Tango Natural successfully operates in Banja Luka, Kolašin, Podgorica. The notable approach we use and the values on which we have built our organization influenced the creation and development of tango communities across Serbia and the region.

An opportunity to dance in front of the tango community for us is an opportunity to give a gift of our effort, to share a moment of our encounter – both its magic and imperfection, appreciating the attention that floods the hall, cherishing the excitement, challenge, sharing, and support…


Our mission

Blooming through tango

Every day we find pleasure in the blooming of those who chose tango in order to dance through their lives, and partaking in this process stands for our main satisfaction. We spread tango because we are grateful to it for everything that it has brought to us, and on this path we acquire help from many of those who share this gratitude with us. We are joyful for the development of the tango community – a place of ever-lasting adventure and true values.

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Banja Luka

Tango – the global body language.

We organize:

Belgrade Tango Encuentro

One of the biggest European tango festivals – six nights and days, best contemporary tango artists and nearly 1000 tangueros from 50 countries on the same dance floor.

New Year’s Belgrade Tango Marathon

Three days and four nights of marathonian dance, in a cosy, romantic atmosphere, with friends from all over the globe.

Summer Tango Camp – Kolašin

Favorite destination to hundreds of tangueros and active holidays fans from across the world – a true tango Woodstock!

Belgrade tango weekends

Something like international festivalitos every month in our city. Once a month we welcome the dancers from across the region for the Belgrade tango weekend.

International Tango Festival: From Youth to You!

International festival dedicated to creativity of children and youth.

When it comes to the number of primary and secondary school students as well as university students that take part in our projects, Tango Natural is the absolute leader in Europe. This festival is dedicated to tango creativity of these generations and to everyone else who perceives life as a dance, and challenges in life as something that will add new colours and interesting solutions to this dance.

Tango Fiesta

Buenos Aires in the heart of Belgrade.

Every summer, in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina, we organize an event which is dedicated not only to tango but also to other aspects of Argentinian culture.
The Fiesta always gives us special motivation because it brings tango out onto the streets and squares touching with its energy thousands of visitors and passers-by.

Milongas and practicas

Alma, Inspiración, Beginners’ milonga, two practicas…

We teach:


Unique in Europe!

Primary and secondary school students

This non-profit project is comprised of free tango classes in two primary schools in Belgrade, as well as free classes for all interested secondary school students. Some of our instructors have made their first tango steps as participants of this project.

Did you know?

Did you know that within the framework of our project “Let’s meet in the embrace!” hundreds of primary and secondary school students dance Argentinian tango in Belgrade? Can you imagine what sort of influence growing up within the embrace has on those generations?

One of the hallmarks of Tango Natural

University students

In our special university students’ groups in Belgrade and Podgorica, hundreds of young people aged 19 to 26 learn Argentinian tango.


Students’ discount

We give students big discounts on their monthly membership fees, as well as discounts for most of the tango content organized by Tango Natural. The energy of these young individuals is the main ingredient of the dynamic Belgrade milongas! In Podgorica, we have been providing students with free classes so far.


One school, three countries!

Regular groups

More than two thousand citizens from Belgrade, Banja Luka, and Kolašin began dancing tango at our school, and many of them still actively work on developing their dance.

Do you have time for an embrace?


Team Building

Wedding dance

Dance couple performance

Orchestra performance

Relax programme

You have an idea for cooperation?

We are always happy to find new ways to integrate tango into other activities.

That’s not all, Folks!

Tanguango orchestra
Tanguango orchestra

The Tanguango quintet was founded in 2013 by young female academy artists in cooperation and with support of Tango Natural. The orchestra plays various traditional tango music, as well as compositions of Astor Piazzola. Tanguango is one of the best spices in the rich taste of Belgrade’s tango life.

Tango Natural DJs
Tango Natural DJs

An important role in the tango community belongs to DJs, who by choosing music affect the atmosphere of the ronda and the whole milonga to a big extent. Tango Natural encourages and supports all those who want to accept this challenge and this responsibility. Currently, there are four DJs developing under the auspices of Tango Natural: Sonja, Pepe, Maki and Djurdjina.

Tango Natural Fashion
Tango Natural Fashion

Tango Natural Fashion has developed in cooperation of Marina Mićanović and Tango Natural. This brand became recognizable by its unique models and interesting cuts that highlight feminity, as well as elegant trousers for classic and conventional men. All models are made from natural materials that contribute to comfort and lighness, making the dance movements more sensual and light.

Tango Natural production
Tango Natural production

Tango, naturally, presents a particular inspiration to visual artists. Tango Natural encourages them to record all those magical dance moments. We would be delighted if our production helped others in spreading tango.

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