Oh, it’s been sooo long…so long without any tango excitement!


Thinking of all the pleasures of the Ronda, and of the time that we used to spend together, embracing and laughing, we are more than happy to invite you to join us this September, for a new tango experience in Belgrade!


Dorcol Platz, one of the oases of Belgrade, where new generations of artists meet for different cultural projects and parties.


This multidisciplinary art commune is located in the historical city center, less than 15 minutes walking from the Republic Square, in Dobracina 59b street. The venue is less than 10 minutes walking from the Kalemegdan fortress, and 3 minutes from Gornji Dorcol, which is the part of the city famous for street cafes, bars and restaurants.

The DJ crew, that will bring us a Balkan and Mediterranean tango flavor, and make us dance a lot throughout almost 30 hours, well known to all of you who were joining our events in the past, will be:

Francesco Cieschi

Francesco Cieschi


SoulSisters – Sonja&Djurdjina

Luka Radunović




Jelena Vukelič


DJ Đurđina
DJ Đurđina
„Cause baby, its cold outside!“
Ona voli muziku na koju se seku vene, ali je toliko razumna da zna da doda kontrateg sa nekom starom dobrom guardia vieja muzikom.
P.S. Ni ne pokušavajte. Njeno srce pripada samo i jedino Troilu.

Ostanite na afterpartiju u utorak @ Milonga Inspiración (DJ Djurdjina)!


Friday 3.9.

17:00 – 01:00

Saturday 4.9.

13:00 – 01:00

Sunday 5.9.

13:00 – 19:00

For all of you  who would like to spend more time with us, we will make:


  • pre-party on Thursday, the 2nd of September, from 7 PM to midnight at Tango Natural studio – Resavska 28
  • after-party on Sunday, the 5th of September9 PM01:00 AM at Dorcol Platz – Dobračina 59

The marathon will be dancing role/dancing nation/dancing level balanced.

Covid policy

To join the event, it will be necessary to show at the entrance one of the following Covid-free proves:

IGG antibodies

Positive PCR test not older than 6 months and not younger than 3 weeks

Vaccine certificate (any vaccine)

Negative COVID test not older than 48 hours (antigen or PCR)

Covid cancellation policy

Considering the COVID situation, the event will be held if the national regulations will still allow it.

At this moment Serbia has a very low number of new cases, around 50% of population is vaccinated, and several major events (festivals and fairs) are planned to take place around the time of our event. Therefore, we are as sure as it is possible to be at this moment, that we will be able to meet and celebrate life and Tango again, this September, in Belgrade.

If your country of origin will block trips to Serbia, or Serbia will block you from entering the country, if the governmental authorities will make it impossible for you to enter Serbia, you will be entitled to a complete refund of the marathon fee.

Looking forward to creating new memories of tango blast in Belgrade!

Warm hugs from us all,

Tango Natural Team


The event is fully booked.


Hope to host you in Belgrade on some other occasion.


Warm hugs from us,


Tango Natural Team 

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