Let the passion open the door to this New Year.

Scroll towards the magic.

This year too we do our best to throw an unforgettable party at which we will dance into the New Year with friends from all over the globe!

Let’s start warming up:

  •  big preparties for all early comers on Friday and Saturday, December 27th/28th!

The 9th New Year’s Belgrade Tango Marathon

starts on Sunday, December 29nd, at 7 pm

  •  with excitement because of old and new friendships,

and finishes on Thursday, January 2st, at 1 am

  •  because all good things must come to an end.


At the legendary Milonga Alma venue (78, Resavska str.)

Place of the famous Belgrade Tango Encuentro afterparties.
Place that makes those close embraces even closer.


Our magical DJ team

Konrad Krynski
Konrad Krynski
Jelena Vukelić
Jelena Vukelić
DJ Đurđina
DJ Đurđina
„Cause baby, its cold outside!“
She loves the I’m-cutting-veins-kind-of-music, but she is sane enough to balance it with some good old guardia vieja.
P.S. Don’t even try. Her heart belongs to Troilo and Troilo only.


Preparty and afterparty locations and DJs to be announced soon!


27.12. Friday



28.12. Saturday



29.12. Sunday


Evening Milonga

30.12. Monday


Daily Milonga

Evening Milonga
31.12. Tuesday


Daily Milonga

NY dinner and hangout with non-tango music
Evening Milonga
1.1. Wednesday



Cosy, friendly atmosphere of the marathon is created by 180 dancers from all over, with attention paid to “dance-gender” balance and dancing experience.

  • Contribution

    Contibution (for 4 nighs and 3 days) is 75€.

  • New Year’s dinner

    The New Year’s dinner on December 31st is included in the price, served in buffet style with plenty of food and traditional Serbian, vegetarian, vegan, and lenten dishes.

  • Fruit

    Fruits are available and complimentary throughout the whole event.

  • Bar

    There is a bar at your disposal, at which you can purchase drinks, soup, sandwiches, as well as savory and sweet pancakes, at very affordable prices.

Location and restaurants

Resavska 78

The marathon location is in the broader city center – hospitable and affordable Belgrade restaurants are at your fingertips (and not only gastronomic offers of the city)! We recommend modern restaurants nearby at Cvetni trg / Flower Square (we tried them all) and traditional restaurants in the bohemian Skadarska street (before and after Balkan cuisine one really should have a walk). Near the marathon venue (cca 15min walk) we would single out restaurants Smokvica (33, Molerova str),Villa Maska (7, Rankeova str) and Epigenia (25, Resavska str) – fitting for both intimate conversation and a loud jolly crowd.

Extra Pleasure

Marta Kossakowska
Marta Kossakowska
Official photographer
„Photography is a secret about a secret – the more it tells you, the less you know."
Beauty really is in the beautiful eye of our beholder.
Like a solitary shark, she will move silently and patiently around her pray and catch it when you least expect it: that’s when the most beautiful photo-memories happen.
P.S. Her imagination and time are for rent, she says – but not her love. Her love is well deserved in Belgrade.
Marko Miloradović
Marko Miloradović
Official masseur
Dance. Dance. Dance. Food. Sleep. Massage. Dance. Dance. Dance.
Cabeceo this guy (not only you, ladies!) ’cause he’ll make your sore feet and tired back feel good again. And the rest of the body too.
P.S. Feel free to express the joy during massage out loud. You are in the Balkans.
Tango fashion
Style is her second name.
Silvestra is her tango line.
Meet her at this year's marathon and treat yourself with some quality and unique pieces!


The Magic of the Tango Embrace

These three and a half minutes should capture the magic of tango and its embrace. No editing, no time manipulation, just pure movement, couple by couple, showing the power of the music through embrace. Can't wait to continue this during Festival/Маrathon Belgrade Tango Encuentro - May 1 - 7 2018. Taken at New Year's Belgrade Tango Marathon

Gepostet von Petar Pavlov am Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018
Fabulous video by our magician Petar Pavlov, who said:
“No editing, no time manipulation, just pure movement, couple by couple, showing the power of the music through embrace.”
“Cosy event with freedom of mind, attentive hosts, focus on dancing and hugs”

Evelin, a blogger and one of the most active tango–tourists

Fabulous Ronda at New Year’s Belgrade Tango Marathon 2016/17

New Year’s romance (Thanks, Florian!)

Manoel, an anthropologist and a tango pilgrim, noted some special moments.

DJ Konrad simply had to record the atmosphere at 7am at the end of the marathon (and yes, it was a pajama party)!

This was really really really really really really fun (thanks Marta)!

We are from the Balkans, after all (thanks, Natalia)!

Registration is closed.

Thank you for your interest! We hope to be seeing you in Belgrade soon. Please have a look at our other events in the section below.

Registration starts on October 1st!

Please follow our FB page and event for news and have a look at our other events.

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