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The first TN TV season is finished. We will back with some content you already know and some new after the summer break

We wish to provide different tango content that will give you an opportunity to stay connected to tango dance and culture during this challenging period. Furthermore, we want to inspire and set you off to dance and practice in your homes, through exercises adapted for home environments. In the end, we even designed a couple of educational programs, that will further move you towards the magical world of tango music and dance.

All previously published content you can find on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Milonga wake-up boost

10 minute of casual morning dancing on milongas with Darko.

Live class with Darko

10-minute Musicality with Relja

How do we develop our musicality and creativity in tango? We will be watching the recordings of performances of international couples, we will be analyzing what, how and why they are dancing in a certain way, then we will convert our inspiration and ideas in to specific exercises which you can do alone, or in a couple.
Previous episodes: YouTube playlist

Music Session with Sonja

We will be listening to Sonja’s choice of most famous orchestras, and together with beautiful compositions, you will find out some interesting stories about orchestras, composers, the music… Your interaction is more than welcome. Feel free to suggest your favorite songs, ask, comment… Enjoy.
Previous episodes: YouTube playlist

T’N’T (technique and training) with Sonja

Tango Dinner with Luka, Marija and Aleksandar

Yoga Sequences for Dancers with Tanja

Live talk show: Tango without Reservation.

We discuss some important topics regarding tango, with very interesting guests.

Live tango concerts

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