Dance the world out!

Thanks to its universality and its communication and improvisation potential, you can dance Argentine tango with anyone around the globe, if they have had even a slight chance to get to know this culture and dance. The number of such people rapidly grows each day worldwide. There is almost no city on the planet which doesn’t have its own large tango community, schools of Argentine tango, regular milongas (dance evenings), festivals, tango marathons…

All you have to do is type one of the tango keywords (tango, milonga, practica… or tango festival, tango marathon – if you want to visit the city during a bigger tango event) next to the name of the city to which you are traveling to for any reason , and quality and fun time is ready. New acquaintances, new people, same old tango yet with an ever-intriguing local charm. Besides, if you are rather social, you will probably not be paying for accommodation in that city any longer. 🙂 As you can see in our gallery, we are often researching and developing all these arrangements. 🙂

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