Here is our choice of typical doubts related to this topic. It would be our pleasure to answer questions that concern aspects which we haven’t cover. Feel free to send us yours suggestions.

Am I running late after my group?

The best answer to this question will be delivered if you contact instructors Sonja and Darko to get help with the estimation. In any case, if by break you mean summer months, don’t take it so seriously since 50 percent of tangueros make a break in this period, while we adapt our programmes and work methods to this fact so that everyone gains in the end. Some of those who make this break think that it is a vast and irreparable intermission, others don’t even think about it simply coming back to tango. At any rate, we can “prescribe a treatment” (which groups on which days, etc.) that can help you with getting back in form as soon as possible, and even, if it’s an option (i.e. if the break didn’t last for years J ), in your own tango generation.

I am surely running late after my “tango generation” and it will be challenging to adapt to a new group.

Maybe you have inadequate judgment and apocalyptic perspective. 🙂 By all means, check the answer to the first question. In case that joining a new group really is necessary, then, to begin with, it is surely useful if you know that you are not the only one with the aforementioned feeling. Simply, there are people who don’t like to commence many times, and there are people who, so to speak, stopped dancing so many times only to be able to come back as many times and check out as many groups as possible. 🙂

Our idea is that it is important to build ability for new beginnings, as much as ability to persist in what once was started off.  New group, another group – those are not some alien and awkward people, but simply new people and opportunities for new acquaintances and new beautiful experiences. Our first group usually seems to us as our „childhood“ due to the first big excitement and fascination with tango, so we tend to think of it as of „good old times“. In that case we suggest you to think of some other group as of a new crew from „high school“, and that you consider as „good times“ not only „old times“…. We propose you to learn, when it comes to positive stuff, how to keep open the only time that really exists – the present moment. 🙂

I have difficulties with organizing time in order to start with tango again.

Organization of time is always a matter of priority. When it comes to tango, it often suffices just to “come back” to it anyhow, and it quickly gains its space in your life. 🙂 Technically, there is a significant benefit in the facts that tango is danced nearly every evening in Belgrade’s milongas, and that our Centre for Development of Argentine Tango has large number of groups in different periods throughout all week – so there is a big chance that a winning combination can be found.

I feel as if I don’t have a clue and as if I’ve forgotten everything.

This feeling is based in reality but, essentially, it matches this reality to a very small extent. Similarly to the children’ song we had known and forgot it. 🙂 Between feeling of complete ignorance and tuneful recitation there are often only two rehearsals!

It is significant to be aware that vast majority of people has no expectations towards us whatsoever, even though on occasions it seems that everybody watches us dancing in particular. It is useful to feel that we all have same dilemmas and uncertainties, but also that we all can eliminate them by constant confrontation – that’s when it often becomes clear that the pressure which we put on ourselves was groundless.

Tango is a skill that cannot be forgotten. We can come out of the feeling but the feeling comes back promptly.

For this purpose, we have designed a programme that can be extremely useful to everyone, including those that are coming back to tango after a longer or shorter break. This is programme of “classes of basic technique for all levels” which are simultaneously “preparation classes for school of Argentine tango” (Saturdays from 3pm to 4.30pm). The objective of those classes is to get us back “to our feet”, from where we will get back to the embrace more easily. Sometimes one such class is enough for us to feel the need to embrace someone again and to get into dancing in couple! Furthermore, if you don’t feel confident, we suggest you to attend classes of a “younger” group in which you will feel safer and from which you will be able to move on when the time comes (via consulting us). Ultimately, a standard efficient solution is taking one or two individual classes at which you’ll swiftly get back into shape with the instructor’s help.

I made a break due to the “tango crisis“ that I felt in certain moment; I’m not sure if the “comeback” is a right choice…

That, probably, is known to the Almighty. 🙂

If we talk about the moment of the comeback, it is matter of a personal feeling to a big extent, even though consulting someone more experienced, someone who has been there (and those are many 🙂 ) can be quite useful. Anyhow, we are always at your disposal.

Let’s just say that we personally don’t know even one tanguero/tanguera who didn’t go through a larger or smaller, longer or shorter, “tango crisis”. Dance is an art, and art (especially act of practicing art), according to its essence, opens a sequence of questions and doubts to a person. Automatic, reactive response to this situation is often “leaving” whatever brought doubts or any turbulence and disturbance. Contrary to it, we support the idea that it is more helpful and interesting to “plunge into” difficulties, for overcoming them brings great joy and sense of freedom. 🙂

Reasons for crisis and crises themselves can be various. We are always eager to discuss it. We think it can also be fruitful if you contact us before the “comeback”, noting, as some of you do, the reason for previous break so that we know how to observe the sequel of the process. In general, as we mentioned, this process is extensively a matter of personal feeling but out experience and knowledge of tango can significantly help. Our philosophy and philosophy of tango consistently cherish respect towards courage to try all over again and to confront difficulties. It is a beautiful sentiment to get back to an “unfinished business” and demonstrate to ourselves that we can handle it this time.

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