A certain investment in your dance prosperity. 🙂

These classes focus on the basic technical dance elements: formation of the dance posture, walking, and rotating.

From a technical point of view, our dance is as good as its basic elements. Balanced dance development involves work on individual movement, communication with the partner, musicality, the relationship to free space, i.e. other couples on the dance floor… It’s like juggling many clubs. 🙂


Evidently, we cannot fully concentrate on other aspects of dance until we start feeling secure standing on our own feet – which is why we initiated this programme.

Preparation for tango classes

Although technique is practiced in regular classes, it’s quite natural that our first encounter with a partner will be much more harmonious if we have already experienced at least one class in which we practiced individual tango technique exclusively. Besides, this is the perfect method of making sure that you don’t have two left feet (before dancing with a partner)! 🙂

Technique for all dancing levels

Apart from complete beginners, dancers of all other dancing levels attend these classes. They are aware of the fact that there is no better way to invest in their dance development than practicing their own individual movement.


The contribution for the classes is 600RSD (cca 5 eur) per month. A single class costs 200 RSD (cca 1,6 eur). The cost of the programme is disproportionally low in comparison to its quality because its purpose is to encourage and facilitate the tango beginning (as well as other stages of the tango path), i.e. it is not commercially oriented.

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