Looking forward to our new encounter in sunny Belgrade, filled with scent of tenderness, love and excitement, and tanned, sparkling embraces!


Dorcol Platz, one of the oases of Belgrade, where new generations of artists meet for different cultural projects and parties.

This multidisciplinary art commune is located in the historical city center, less than 15 minutes walking from the Republic Square, in Dobracina 59b street. The venue is less than 10 minutes walking from the Kalemegdan fortress, and 3 minutes from Gornji Dorcol, which is the part of the city famous for street cafes, bars and restaurants.

Good music is a must for a good tango event. Our choice for this marathon are DJs who’s styles complement each other in a way that create beautiful carousel for your perfect tango ride!


Francesco Cieschi (Berlin)

DJ Bomaduro

Bomaduro (Milan)

DJ Sonja

Sonja (Belgrade)

Dj Luka

Luka (Podgorica)

Dj Djiki

Djiki (Belgrade)

If you thought it’s impossible to dance a lot and sleep a lot during the same weekend, we have good news for you: There is a way how you can have both 🙂



6 pm – 1 am


1 pm – 1 am


1 pm – 7 pm

Afterparty will be on Sunday, 8:30pm-1am, at the same location.

The marathon will be dancing role/dancing nation/dancing level balanced. The number of participants is limited to 220, so do not wait too long to register, if you want to secure yourself a spot.


75 EUR regular price


65 EUR discounted price: for all the dancers who are currently members of the Tango Natural school and those who supported Tango Natural with donations during the time of Covid pandemic.


Price includes Milongas from Friday till Sunday 7pm.


The price for the after-party will be 300 RSD each (around 2.5 EUR) for marathon participants and current members of the Tango Natural school and donors, and 500 RSD (around 4.2 EUR) for all others.


Food is not included in the price.
There will be fruits as refreshment during the event.

Sending you warm hugs from us all,

Tango Natural Team

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    If the registration is not working for any reason, please send us an email with your information (as requested in the form fields) at belgradetangomarathon@gmail.com.

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